Thursday, 12 July 2012


Well we've spent ages looking at varying grenada holidays as the prices vary so much from resort to resort and booking agents. We are looking at going for 2 weeks probably next jan / feb when its cold here and a bit cooler over there.

We've also spent time looking at other varying luxury holidays but everyone always goes to the Maldives or Barbados, so we thought we'd try somewhere different. We'll be getting the last through quotes through by the end of next week hopefully, so i can then confirm we are definitely going.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Quiet Weekend

Its been nice to have a quite weeknd really as next door have been having loads of people around looking at their new contemporary garden room, and they've been partying hard and late into the night which i don't mind as it isn't all the time but its now a quiet Saturday night and its so relaxing and I've never appreciated it more.

I'm not really doing much this weekend and hoping for a quiet one as the past few i've been out avoiding the partiers next door.

I'm pretty interested in the outdoor garden rooms like next door have got, as i reckon they must add a good chunk of value to your house as it really dresses up the garden and add's an extra room for activity's

Monday, 23 April 2012


Well I've just got home from work and it looks like the neighbors are getting some building / structure put up in the garden, there's an oeco van outside. so i'm guessing that's who's doing the work, they've done a good job at been tidy and although it looks like there's only the foundations there at the moment you wouldn't know that anyone's been in next doors garden today as its really tidy and there no sign of builders.

It doesn't look like its going to be massive and it should blend in nicely once the newness has gone from the wood, well i'm guessing that it will just be a stained finish.

Anyway i'll keep you up to date

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Storz & Bickel Plenty

I've just brought a Storz & Bickel Plenty from a great online headshop called Shiva. Hopefully it should be coming in the next few days but i guess with the Easter holidays that it could be middle of the week before i get it. but that's my fault for holding back on ordering the thing.

Fingers crossed for nice weather over the Easter weekend, as I'm hoping to go to the seaside with a few Friends for bit of a day out, we where going to head to Alton Towers but we thought if the weather was nice then it would probably be packed, although we might still go if there is an over cast day just to see what it actually is like

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A new year a new start

Well i've just splashed out on a Storz & Bickel Plenty Its from the same guys that make the hit volcano vape. This Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer is a completely different machine all together as it is a lot more portable over the bulky yet great Volcano. It was about time though that the Volcano had a new model to superseded it as its been around a while and vaping has moved on quite a lot since the days of sitting around at home vaping.

I really need to keep this blog updated with all the latest happenings my last post was last year lol.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

New Blog

technically this is the second post on my blog, but its actually the first proper post.

I live in Scotland and work from home doing varying projects that manage to make me enough money to live off.

I'm a huge Oasis fan and went to watch them on the last tour they did, i took a special trip down to Cardiff so that i could see Kasabian as well. So now your going to ask if i prefer Beady Eye over Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds. Well i do prefer Liam's voice in oasis tracks but i think that Noels new album is the better of the two. Liam's trying to be the new Beatles but i just don't think that beady eye are going to be that successful.

I'm a smoker, only a social smoker really but i do like my iolite vaporizer so I'm a weekend smoker when at home. I tend to stick to herbal tobacco as i prefer smoking this to Drum or the old fave Golden Vaginia

Friday, 4 November 2011